All Team

Klara Petrzelkova

MSc. Klára Judita Petrželková, Ph.D., is a researcher – primatologist who currently works at the Institute of Vertebrate Biology (within the research group Ecology of Primate Symbionts) and…

Arthur Sniegon

Reseacher, conservationist, documentarist. Main focus on illegal wildlife trade in the Republic of Congo and Tchad. Founder and coordinator of Save-Elephants organisation.

Tomas Ouhel

Tomas Ouhel works at the Liberec Zoo as a consultant for research and conservation. His focus in mainly on the region of Southeast Asia. Tomas is research fellow…

Jan Robovsky

Jan Robovsky focuses on the collection of biological data (dimensions, weights, exterior variability) in endangered taxa, especially mammals (eg. rhinos, Somali wild ass, caprini). Robovský also deals with…

Adela Hemelikova

Adéla Hemelíková focuses on the conservation of marine ecosystems and especially on sea turtles in Indonesia. She was part of the Coral Nursery education project and led outreach…


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