Jan Robovsky

Jan Robovsky focuses on the collection of biological data (dimensions, weights, exterior variability) in endangered taxa, especially mammals (eg. rhinos, Somali wild ass, caprini). Robovský also deals with genetic-taxonomic research of zoo-populations (eg. slow-lorises, Cuban, Siamese and Philippine crocodiles, Cervidae – eg. indian hog deer, rare sikas, equidae, Bovidae – sitatunga, Visayan warty pig) and monitoring morphological changes in animals kept in human care (carnivores, equidae, bovine animals).

since 2011: external researcher at Zoo Liberec
since 2005: employee, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
from 2018 – 2020: co-chair of EAZA Caprinae TAG, currently a member of EAZA Caprinae TAG
since 2020 Species Committee of the new urial EEP
since 2020: member of the editorial board of the magazine Vesmír
since 2020: member of the editorial board of Lynx, n. s., (Prague)