Life for zoo

Life4ZOO – Water Resource Management in Visitor Attractions – FIT4USE Water Recirculation Technology’

The project’s main objectives:

  • reducing water consumption at the zoo by up to half and mitigating the impact of climate change
  • creating a prototype and design that is easily transferable and inspiring for other visitor attractions and zoos in Europe.
  • educating and informing the public about sustainable water management

A new water management system will be implemented at the Zoo Liberec and it enables wastewater treatment and reuse. It includes a water wetland with a root wastewater treatment plant and a unique bio-container for ultrafiltration water treatment.

The project involves 6 partners from the Czech Republic and Spain, from science and development, private sector and zoos. The Technical University of Liberec is the main promoter.


Project start date: September 1st, 2023

Project completion date: February 28th, 2027

Total eligible project cost: €2,775,395.96

Allocated to the Liberec Zoo project: €1,016,874.50

EU subsidy for the Liberec Zoo project: €610,124.70 (60%)

Ministry of the Environment subsidy for the Liberec Zoo project: €355,901.44 (35%)

Contribution by the Liberec Zoo: €50,848.36 (5%)


The project is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of the Environment. The subsidy providers are not responsible for the author’s views and opinions.

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