Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation (CCBC) consists of and helps to thirteen Czech NGOs and projects that are active in the field of biodiversity conservation and community work in Czechia and abroad (Latin America, Central Africa, South East Asia).

CCBC serves as platform for its members and enables sharing of experience and contacts among members. Also, it helps in searching for material and financial resources. Together with its members CCBC spreads awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation and community development. Together with Liberec Zoo the coalition awards people for their extraordinary contribution for biodiversity conservation.

In the Czech Republic, CCBC focuses mainly on environmental education and awareness raising. The main project “CCBC at schools” aims at environmental education at primary and secondary schools. CCBC members are visiting schools and during lectures they are talking about global challenges, biodiversity conservation and their experience from the field. Besides lectures, CCBC offers also one-day programs for children. For teachers and parents, CCBC has created an online educational platform with library in which there are available teaching materials for environmental education – worksheets, info cards, glossaries, videos, and documents. The mission of the CCBC education is to deepen young people’s relationship with animals, plants, and people.

For public, CCBC organizes afternoon programs for families with children, popular-science lectures, and workshops. As part of awareness raising, CCBC also creates informational campaigns. The last campaign Evilvory informed public about the illegal ivory trade. CCBC and Liberec Zoo also collaborated on a series of six science and nature documentaries by Czech Television “Češi zachraňují”. For the scientific community, CCBC regularly organizes the international conference on the protection of biodiversity GBCC.

In collaboration with CCBC and the Liberec Zoological Garden, Czech National Television produced a series of six documentaries on how Czech people contribute to saving wildlife.More about CCBC

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