The rescue station within the ARCHA center at the Liberec Zoo provides assistance to handicapped wild animals, i.e. such individuals who are temporarily or permanently unable to survive in the wild as a result of injury, illness or other circumstances. The employees of the Center also try to operatively solve the everyday problems of coexistence of people and wild animals.

The center provides:

  • capture of handicapped wild animals in the Liberec, Jablonec, Frýdlant, Tanvald, Turnov and Železný brod regions 
  • professional treatment of injured and sick animals 
  • convalescence and the necessary rehabilitation of wild animals 
  • release of convalesced individuals back into wild 
  • rearing of found abandoned offsprings and their return to nature 
  • decent living conditions for permanently handicapped animals 

Where to search for information in case you find a wild animal in need?

Tel: +420 728 040 610

For regions of: Liberec, Jablonec n. N., Frýdlant, Tanvald, Turnov a Železný Brod.


The center receives about 1000-1500 animals per year. These are most often birds (injured or offsprings), injured deers, bats and late hedgehog cubs. We also receive exotic pets (turtles, parrots, ferrets, etc.), which we try to return to their owners or to offer them for adoption.

The station is operated by three employees, who must be able to handle all capturing and care of the housed animals (including the seasonal nocturnal lactation of the young animals).

Financing the operation of the station is very difficult due to the fact that it is a voluntary activity and there is no obligation of the state or territorial-administrative units to contribute to it. 

You can  help the Center in the form of gifts and sponsorship contributions.

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