Stolen Wildlife

The Stolen Wildlife is an educational campaign that is quite unique in the Czech and probably also in the European environment. Its aim is to inform the public about the background of illegal trade in wild animals, their body parts and products made from them taking place mainly in the Czech Republic, or in Europe. This joint campaign of The Kukang Rescue Program and Ostrava Zoo is based on many years of experience of Pavla Říhová, leading expert on wildlife crime, and her team. The campaign was officially launched in June 2018 and soon got under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic. In 2020, Customs Administration of the Czech Republic joined, too. The mainstay of the campaign is the website, where you can learn a lot about the illegal trade in wildlife and find topics such as medicine, trophies, leather and furs, and much more.

Another key tool are educational photo-panels. A total of 16 educational photo-panels about ivory trade, rhino horns, souvenirs, feline furs, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., created on the basis of photographs by Lucie Čižmářová, field zoologist of the Olomouc Zoo and a photographer, have been exhibited in more than 15 Czech and Slovak zoos, several of international zoos, schools and offices, and other are joining. Millions of people thus have had the opportunity to learn shocking facts about the extent of the illegal wildlife trade. The illegal wildlife trade being a problem concerning the Czech Republic as well is evidenced by the fact that all body parts and animal products in these photographs were confiscated by the Czech control authorities in the Czech territory. Several of the photo-panels got supported by conservation organizations focusing on specific topics, such as the Czech Society for Ornithology and the Vulture Conservation Foundation, which fight against poisonings of birds of prey and vultures with carbofuran, the Global Tiger Forum, which aims to protect tigers, Earth League International fighting environmental and wildlife crime, and many more. Print data for the awareness photo-panels are provided to zoos and other institutions free of charge. More information can be found HERE.

The founder is the Statutory City of Liberec