The Crane Life project is dedicated to the monitoring and protection of cranes in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are focused mainly on the Common Crane (Grus grus), which began to nest in the Czech Republic in the 1980s after many decades when it was practically exterminated there. Now, despite increasing numbers, it is still critically endangered, so it needs to be protected.

We monitor the cranes’ nesting grounds and regularly visit their assembly points and wintering grounds. We perform more detailed monitoring of the movement of these impressive birds by using colored rings and special GPS-GSM transmitters. To know of all the localities used by cranes both in the nesting season and on the migration routes is very important for their subsequent protection. Project Crane Life arose after many years of professional work with cranes mainly thanks to the cooperation with the Ostrava Zoo, which is its main partner. As the largest population of cranes in the Czech Republic occurs in the Liberec region, specifically in the area of Českolipsko, the Liberec Zoo also supports this project.

We want to use our experience to protect other species of cranes in other parts of the world as well. The Crane Life project also includes educational activities (events and lectures for schools, participation in professional conferences, articles in the media) dedicated not only to cranes, but also to the protection of other birds and the environment.

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